The diary and photos of Chris Beach. I'm into windsurfing, coding, badminton, drawing and composing music using computers and synths.

Let's start with a quote:
"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours" Stephen Roberts

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my music

Here are a few of my best efforts. For those who are interested, I have composed these sequences using Cakewalk Pro Audio. All instrument sounds and digital effects are provided by the Roland JV-1010 synth module. Audio recording was made using Goldwave 4 and MP3 compressed using Audio Catalyst. Feel free to download all you like.


The theme music to BBC's 'Tomorrow's World' - a tune that has stuck in my head and a MIDI file that has been a labour of love.

'Tomorrow's World' - as I originally sequenced using the Yamaha SW60XG synth. This version emphasises the excellent XG string sections.

The demo tune, as I remember it, from my uncle Michael's old keyboard.

Intro music to new website I'm creating for Sound Advice Ltd (the last few bars of music are to be looped on the site)

An adaptation of the music you used to hear before the film started in Odeon cinemas. I tried to give this track a 'cinematic' sound.

A little section I remember distinctly from the soundtrack of the 90's PC game 'Day of the Tentacle'

Theme tune to 'The Girl From Tomorrow' (Brilliant australian kids TV series, late 80's)

My version of the theme from Agatha Christie's Poirot.

The Roland JV-1010 - A legendary budget synth module

Cakewalk Instrument Definition file (.ins) for the JV-1010